Netizens with tears in their eyes after watching the viral video of chickens fighting with poisonous snakes to save their children


BanglaHunt Desk: A viral video on social media proved that mother is my mother. Whether she is a mother of blood and flesh, or a wild animal. The mother does not always hesitate to fight with death to keep the child safe. What is good for the child, what is good for them, the mother always keeps them in her arms to protect the child.

Nowadays, thanks to social media, we see all kinds of viral videos. Which is sometimes joyous, sometimes frightening. Again, watching the viral video of many such emotional moments made the netizens’ eyes glaze over. There is such an emotional video for you.

There is always a struggle for survival among the wildlife. Always about food eaters, they move with life in hand. The video of a mother hen fighting a red cobra to save her baby has gone viral on the net.

Check out that video-

As can be seen in the video, a hen has left her chicks in a basket without anyone noticing. But out of nowhere a red cobra snake came there in greed for food for those chicks. Then the snake fight with the chicken mother started.

For the second time, the hen mother thought of sacrificing her life to save her children. Hiding the cubs in their own feathers, he risked his life to stand in front of the snake. The video of this emotional moment of a mother saving her children went viral on social media.