New doors of history opened! Bronze Age inscriptions were found in Israel

Banglahant Desk: An inscription about three and a half thousand years old was found in Israel. Opened is a new door of history. The inscription was recovered during excavations in the town of Tel Lachis. As a result, archaeologists and linguists alike are overwhelmed.

The alphabet is thought to have originated in the Bronze Age and in the city of Sinai in the eighteenth century BC. Inside this broken inscription is written in crooked black ink. At the same time, the outer part is written in black ink in an angular manner. The idea of ​​experts is basically these alphabets of the Oriental period.

This script is considered to be one of the oldest scripts in the history of the world, said Dr. of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Felix Huffmeyer. It is known that this script also has contact with the letters used in the Southern Levant. But archaeologists are still struggling to gather enough evidence before reaching the final conclusions about the origin of the letter. Again, Huffmeyer found this script to be similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics.