New laws are coming to Switzerland, anger is growing among Muslims

Bangla Hunt Desk: Public opinion polls will be held on Sunday in Switzerland to ban all face-covering, including bardakha, in public places. The survey found that the majority of Swiss citizens support the ban and that it will soon become law. In Switzerland, Muslims have expressed outrage over the proposed ban on face masks.

The right wing Swiss People’s Party is also running a campaign on this. Many banners have been put up in places. The banner, along with a picture of a woman wearing a burqa, called for restraint. Walter Bobmann, a member of parliament and a member of the referendum committee, said it was Switzerland’s tradition for everyone to show their face. And covering the face is against our centuries-old tradition.

However, the proposal did not mention Islam or Muslim women. It just mentioned that it is important to ban face covering to curb violent demonstrators and masked miscreants. However, opposition leaders and Muslim groups in the state have called the proposal a ban on the burqa.

If the ban goes into effect, it is feared that the anger of Muslims in Switzerland will increase. This is how public opinion was taken in 2009 to ban the construction of new minarets in Switzerland. And in two places in Switzerland, the burqa is already banned.

Bobman said the public opinion is not against Islam, but the politics of wearing the burqa and radical Islam is on the rise. Islamic politicization is growing rapidly throughout Europe. And it has no place in Switzerland.