News of Kim Jong Un's death is fake? He put an end to all rumors in public

BanglaHunt Desk: North Korea's ruler Kim Jong Un has returned to the public after putting an end to all speculations. North Korea's state news agency has made such a claim Twenty days later, for the first time, Kim was seen talking to ordinary people.

According to the Korean Central News Agency, Kim arrived at a new fertilizer factory near the capital, Pyongyang. Kim was accompanied by his sister, Yeo Jung, at the time However, despite Kim's demands to appear in public, the North Korean news agency did not broadcast the show live According to news reports, Kim's presence has put an end to all curiosity about her health. After the inauguration, Kim visited the whole factory He also talked to many people

Regarding Kim, Donald Trump said, “Kim is in good health now. She is OK. I know everything. But I will not say anything now. 'For the past few days, the US media has been claiming that Kim Jong Un is in a critical condition as his heart surgery has not been successful. Not only that, some quarters were claiming that he was brain dead A team of doctors from China was also reported to have arrived in North Korea However, North Korea has not officially commented on Kim's condition

Although North Korea said nothing, neighboring South Korea claimed nothing had happened to Kim One of the country's ministers claimed that Kim had probably kept himself in hiding for fear of a corona infection North Korea, however, has claimed that there have been no cases of corona infection in their country