Nick does not sleep at night after marriage, explosive Priyanka!


Bangla Hunt Desk: Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are among the most popular star couples in the world. Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra got married in 2016. Priyanka had to face a lot of criticism for marrying Nick, who is younger than her. Even trolls with them still continue. However, the actress never paid attention to all that. Divya is happily with each other. The family is also doing chutiye. Besides, she is also acting in her husband's music video.
Once in an interview, Priyanka revealed some unknown facts about Nick. He revealed all the faults and virtues of Nick after marriage. Recently that interview has gone viral again. Because, Priyanka's explosive comment about Nick.

In the interview, the actress said that she can't sleep at night because of Nick. He woke up again and again. Because, Nick has diabetes. So Priyanka wakes up again and again at night to see if she is healthy. The actress said that she did not know about Nick's illness before. But Nick is aware enough about this. Even in his sleep he can understand his illness. He follows the rules very well.
Priyanka is also aware of her husband's illness. Nick said he found out at age 13 that he had type 1 diabetes. However, he does not give much importance to the disease. Take as much precaution as you need.
Earlier, Priyanka had said that the actress found her father Ashok Chopra among Nick. Nick held him in his arms just like his father.