Nick's hand on Priyanka's buttocks with a gap in the dress! Netizens angry over viral photo, 'Get dirty in bedroom'


Bangla Hunt Desk: Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are among the most popular star couples in the world. Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra got married in 2016. Priyanka had to face a lot of criticism for marrying Nick, who is younger than her.

Even trolls with them still continue. However, the actress never paid attention to all that. Divya is happily with each other. The family is also doing chutiye. However, the Nick Priyanka duo still occasionally made headlines.

Nick and Priyanka have been in the limelight many times since their marriage. There has also been controversy over some of their photoshoots. However, it reached the final. This celeb jute taken at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival is due to a photoshoot.
Priyanka made her Kanye debut that year. The bride on him. Piggy Chops chose the foreign style of clothing for the red carpet. The actress walks the red carpet in a red flower sleeve backless gown with orange.

Although the cutting of the open gown is a little more dangerous, the voice of the netizens could not be heard. But a picture was left out. In the photo shoot, Nick is seen inserting his finger towards the buttocks through the gap of Priyanka's dress in front of the camera. The actress also shared the picture on her Insta handle.

The image went viral, sparking outrage among netizens. How could Priyanka, being an Indian woman, forget her culture and take such a picture? Part of the netizens makes the question. Many said sarcastically, to do all this dirty going to the bedroom, not on social media.

The other part of the tune is for Priyanka. According to them, the actress did not forget the culture of her own country even though she got married abroad. Culture cannot be judged by clothing.