Nikhil was not allowed to enter Modi's meeting with Nusrat, the MP left with pride.


BanglaHunt Desk: Actress-MP Nusrat Jahan won the Lok Sabha elections for the first time as a candidate from Basirhat constituency. He is very popular as an MP in his area. But even though the Prime Minister came to his Lok Sabha seat, the MPs did not meet him. When he reached Basirhat College, he came back with 'pride'.

It is learned that Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Amphan devastated Bengal on a long one-hour helicopter tour. He was accompanied by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Governor Jagdeep Dhankar in a helicopter. Modi saw with his own eyes exactly how much damage was done to the two 24 parganas in the devastating Amphan. Then a temporary helipad was built in the back yard adjacent to Basirhat College. The Chief Minister-Governor-Prime Minister got down from a chair there. Union Minister Babul Supriya, Debashree Chowdhury and other BJP leaders appeared to welcome Modi.

They then sat in the meeting at Basirhat College. MP Nusrat also went to college at that time. However, she was not alone, accompanied by her husband Nikhil Jain and two assistants. Nusrat was first prevented from entering the college. However, he was reportedly allowed to enter after introducing himself as an MP. Nikhil also tried to get inside with him. But Nusrat's husband and two assistants were not allowed to enter.

The SPG informed Saf that an administrative meeting was being held inside. Not a meeting of any political party. So the MP cannot take anyone else with him. Nusrat could not accept the matter. That's where the argument started. But in the end Nikhil was not allowed to enter and he himself left. The actress left with a kind of arrogance as Modi did not actually meet her at her center. Later, however, did not return.

It is to be noted that Basirhat was badly damaged in the cyclone Amphan. So far 21 people have died there. Nusrat tweeted standing next to the devastated people of Bengal. He wrote, “Everyone should be by each other's side at this time. We must all pray together to end this catastrophe quickly. ”