No matter the nature, the Imran government allowed the extinction of endangered birds in exchange for money

The whole world has banned the hunting of endangered species for the sake of survival at this moment. But he barely flinched at Pakistan. In exchange for money, the Pakistani government allowed the Sheikh family of Qatar to hunt the endangered haubara bustard. With which strong criticism has already started.

Howrah bustard bird

This indifference of Pakistan towards animal conservation is not new though. Even before this, the Pak government has repeatedly provided assistance to the hunters with indiscriminate killing with various rewards. Even the national animal of that country, marcho hunting, is allowed in exchange for money. This time, Imran burned the face of an endangered species all over the world.

The Howara Bustard is on the endangered species list according to the IUCN list. But at the moment, the economic crisis in Pakistan is more about diplomatic relations with Qatar than about protecting those animals. Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani and 14 members of his family have been allowed to hunt the endangered bird in the oil-rich Qatar Goodbook.

Howaraba bustard, lives in arid climates. Two species of this bird are commonly found, one in North Africa (Chlamydotis undulata) and the other in Asia (Chlamydotis maccaneii). Asian species of Howrah bustard have been found in several Central Asian countries, including Pakistan and Arabia. However, it is difficult to see this bird due to hunting. However, experts believe that the Pakistani government is pushing the animal to the brink of extinction just for political gain. Environmentalists are already concerned about that.