No more FREE! If you want to make money from YouTube, you have to count the money


YouTube has now become one of the sources of income by revealing their talents to eight to eighty people from all over the world. But so far, those who have been making videos on YouTube have not had to spend any money. That day is coming to an end, they will have to pay taxes from now on. YouTube issued such guidelines.

However, even though YouTubers from all over the world are included in this index, the United States is excluded. In other words, the company has decided to collect tax from YouTube manufacturers outside the United States. As a result, if you are a YouTuber in India, you will have to pay a fee from now on. The good news, however, is that you only have to pay taxes for the feedback you get from the American audience.

Simply put, if you are a YouTuber in India and someone is watching your video in the US, you have to pay tax on YouTube for your earnings from it. YouTube’s new tax policy has been implemented from June 2021 to May 31. The company has created a video about the new rule, which has already been shared on their Twitter handle.

The guidelines ask YouTube video makers to submit tax information to their AdSense accounts. Most importantly, if you do not file your tax returns by May 31, 2021, the company will deduct 24 percent of your total income.

These YouTube rules are different in different countries. The tax rules will depend on the US tariff agreement with your country. In the case of India, if you provide tax information and claim a tax treaty, your tax will be reduced by 15 percent on the feedback received from the American audience. On the other hand, if a creator provides tax information and does not enter into a tax agreement with the United States, the American audience will be taxed up to 30 percent of the income.

Many developers have criticized YouTube’s decision to impose a tax. Manufacturers say the company is already taking a share of the revenue, so why pay a separate tax again? Their view is that this decision on YouTube could hurt small manufacturers.