No rain! To please Indra, a frog wedding was arranged in Tripura


Bangla Hunt Desk: “Frog marriage” to please Indra and bring down rain. Although these fairy tales read in childhood seem to be mere stories, the people of different parts of India are still giving the status of tradition to such incidents. Last year too, two frogs were married in May for good rainfall in Udupi, Karnataka. Although his happy family did not last long. Due to excessive rainfall, the villagers have divorced two frogs in two months. The same thing happened again this year. On the one hand, when the whole country is suffering from the terror of Corona, on the other hand, the people of different parts of India are suffering.

Tea workers in Tripura are no exception. Needless to say, huge amount of water is required for tea cultivation. And that is why this time the indigenous tea workers of West Tripura arranged a frog wedding to please Indradev. Of course, everyone is like a human being. From bathing in the river to wearing turmeric, wearing new clothes and saris, changing garlands, donating vermilion – everything is on the occasion. The only difference is the frogs are not the people here.

As can be seen in this video which went viral recently, the women of the village have all gathered in one place. There is a woman holding the pot while another woman is holding the bride. Bangbabu is also ready to put a garland around his wife’s neck as a new son-in-law. Although the women helped to wear the garland. The villagers said that they have been following this strange practice for a long time. If there is no rain required for cultivation, frogs are married to please Indra. Indra gives rain as a blessing.