No virus created in lab: WHO stands next to China again

BanglaHunt Desk: China's Corona virus (COVID-19) was not made in any lab, WHO said clearly. US President Donald Trump has repeatedly blamed the Chinese government for creating the deadly virus. He claimed that the virus was created in a scientific lab in a Chinese lab. But WHO says the virus is not a creature, but an organism.

The deadly corona virus has infected millions of people around the world and killed many more. America has suffered the most as a result of this disease. That is why the US President has repeatedly blamed China for the virus in various fields. He claimed that the sugar virus was caused by a laboratory in China. But the WHO proved him wrong.

WHO stands next to China again. Proved that this deadly virus was not created intentionally by China. This virus has been created in the body of any animal. On Tuesday, WHO spokeswoman Fadela Chaib said, “All the information about the corona virus has shown that it is made in the body of an animal. And this virus was not created from any laboratory. However, it is certain that the virus has no animal or other animal carrier. The idea is that bats are its natural carriers. However, research is now underway into how the virus spread from bats to humans.

The corona virus is said to have been first found in the body of a female shrimp seller in Wuhan. Whose name is Wei Guishian. The symptoms of this virus were first detected in his body on December 10, 2019. However, it is not yet known how the coronary virus was transmitted to this woman's body. However, scientists are now conducting research on how the virus spread from animals to humans.

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