Noor Ahmed, IPL 2023: When the ‘guru’ is Rashid Khan, then the ‘disciple’ will surely shine, as GT turned history


Noor Ahmed, IPL 2023: जब

Rashid Khan on Noor Ahmed: Noor Ahmed has taken 6 wickets in the 3 matches he has played so far, in which his best has come against Mumbai Indians only.

Noor Ahmed took 6 wickets in 3 matches played so far

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New Delhi: He does not desist from practice even in the middle of the night. People make body in gym but he corrects his bowling. He has the hunger to learn, the urge. And, this is what draws Rashid Khan towards her. affect them. We are talking IPL 2023 Noor Ahmed, the hero of Gujarat’s victory against Mumbai Indians.

When Rashid Khan became the shining star of Afghanistan in world cricket, seeing him the thinking of the youth there changed and they started following him. Started dreaming of becoming like him. Noor Ahmed is also a part of the same new thinking of Afghanistan.

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Pushed Mumbai Indians to defeat in 4 overs

Noor Ahmed is a solid bowler of raw age. This left-arm wrist spinner presented the latest sample of his bowling on the evening of 25 April. 18-year-old Noor Ahmed took 3 wickets for 37 runs in 4 overs against Mumbai Indians, which included the wickets of Cameron Green, Suryakumar Yadav and Tim David.

Gujarat Titans managed to defeat Mumbai for the first time

Due to this strong performance of Noor Ahmed, Gujarat Titans changed the history and wrote the script of their first win against Mumbai Indians in IPL. Actually, Mumbai was the only team among the 9 opposing teams, from which Gujarat Titans did not win.

Rashid Khan stunned after seeing Noor Ahmed’s hard work

However, now when Noor Ahmed did a history-changing job for Gujarat Titans, even Rashid Khan could not stop praising him. He told the struggle behind Noor Ahmed’s performance.

Rashid Khan said, “Noor Ahmed was part of the Under-19 cricket team before joining Gujarat Titans. He is still small but he has a great hunger to learn. He works hard and doesn’t shy away from asking questions. Even when I am in the gym, he comes there too and says go bowling in the gym.

Do not shy away from practice even at midnight

According to leg-spinner Rashid, whether it is one o’clock in the night or two, he comes to the gym and bowls with him. From this you can guess how hard he is working to improve himself.

Noor’s performance in IPL 2023

Rashid Khan is very happy with the opportunity Noor Ahmed got in Gujarat Titans. He is getting pleasure seeing Noor performing. Let us tell you that he has taken 6 wickets in 3 matches played so far in IPL 2023, in which his best has come against Mumbai Indians only.

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