North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is perfectly healthy and alive, South Korea claims

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is in good health and is alive, said Moon Jae-in, a senior security adviser to the South Korean president. Besides, Kim didn’t attend her grandfather’s birthday, a lot of speculation started about her.

“Our government's position is strong,” Moon Chung-in, Moon's special adviser on national security, told CNN on Sunday. Kim Jong-un is alive and well. ‘The consultant says Kim has been living in Vanson since April 13th. It is a resort town located in the east of the country. He said no suspicious activity has been reported so far. On April 15, questions began to arise about Kim's health. This day commemorates the birthday of Kim Jong Un, the founder of North Korea and Kim's grandfather, and a very important day for the country. Kim Jong Un has not appeared in public since April 11. The next day state media reported that they were inspecting the fighter jet at the Air Defense Unit.

Kim's absence led to many confirmation-reports about her health. At the same time, the South Korean president's office said in a statement last week that “we have nothing to confirm and no specific activity has yet been identified inside North Korea.” At the same time, there was a report that Kim was recovering by continuing the cardiac process.

On Monday, Rodong Sinaman newspaper reported that Kim Wansan Kalma thanked the staff working on the coastal tourism project. This is the first information in recent times called Kim. U.S.-based think-tank North last week reviewed a few satellite photos of a train in Vonson, possibly including Kim. He is thought to be living here.