North Korea's dictator Kim Jong Un orders Sarmeyer to eat meat

Bangla Hunt Desk: North Korea faces food crisis Meanwhile, North Korea's dictator Kim Jong Un has issued a strange edict for the country's people. Kim Jong Un has ordered people in his country to serve their pet sarmeys to meat restaurants. Note that Kim Jong Un has issued an order to cut down the Sarmeys to meet the shortage of food items. After this decree of the dictator, the street dogs and pet pets are going to face extreme problems. In the new order, Kim Jong Un has also banned the keeping of dogs.

The people of the country are also in an extreme religious crisis after this order of Jung. For those who have pets at home, the only fear now is that the government will not pick them up and sell them to restaurants. Last July, Kim called the dog pet law illegal, saying it was the work of capitalists. And a month later, Kim ordered the pet sarmeys to be killed.

According to Kim, poor people keep animals like cattle, sheep, goats and pigs to meet human food needs. On the other hand, in cities like Pyongyang, the rich keep dogs. It is a symbol of Western civilization and capitalist justice. There is no place for Western civilization and capitalists in North Korea. Petting is a punishable offense in the country.

That's why North Korea's dictatorial regime has banned dogs and ordered them to be sold in restaurants. North Korea has been suffering from a food crisis over the past few months due to the Corona. A few weeks ago, the United States said that most families in North Korea were starving. And very few people can eat twice a day on a full stomach.