Not a single Maruti car was sold in April, the worst car industry ever


Relief from the bad situation of coronavirus Pelona car industry. Because the lock down has been going on in the country for more than a month. And since work is almost non-existent at this critical time, almost everyone has an economic problem. Maruti Suzuki did not sell a single car in April. According to the company, there is no precedent in the history of the company for not selling a single car in a month. This is probably the first time that not a single car has been sold in the country. The problem has increased in this lock down because no one knows how long this lock down will last. Earlier, Maruti Suzuki had come forward to handle the Corona situation.

Automobile maker Maruti Suzuki India Limited had earlier taken a new initiative to combat the corona virus. Maruti Suzuki manufactures ventilators, masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE). Maruti Suzuki was an authorized manufacturer of ventilators.

And this time they have to take a new initiative to handle this extreme situation in India. Agawa also plans to build 10,000 ventilators per month with Health Care. Maruti Suzuki has stopped everything from production to sales from March 22.
Sales of four-wheelers for personal use fell 41 percent from the previous year. Even Ashok Leyland announced to stop production in their various factories across the country. The situation of these two organizations has been deteriorating since 19 years.

“This India will not be the same as before, the mentality of the people will change a lot.” Suzuki's chair man C. Varghese said. So his expectation is that sales will increase only after the lock down payroll.