Not a true Muslim, Amir's daughter Ira targets fundamentalists for tattooing against religion


BanglaHunt Desk: Before entering Bollywood, one controversy after another is getting involved with the name of Aamir Khan's daughter Ira Khan. Ira's name is appearing on the pages of Page Three before she debuts, sometimes accused of doing strange photoshoots with extra open clothes.

This time Amir's daughter has faced another controversy. Ira has been sharply criticized by fundamentalists for tattooing against religion. Even the question is, is he a Muslim at all? Otherwise, how could he do such a thing against the religion?

In fact, Ira has recently posted a few on her Insta handle. There, he said, he learned to tattoo. Ira got her first tattoo on the hand of a person named Anklet Peak. He also shared those photos and videos on his Insta handle.

And that's all the fuss. Tattooing is 'haram' in Islam. Despite knowing that, how did Ira commit such a crime? The fundamentalists have raised the question. Some people did not stop mocking whether he is a true Muslim at all. Another person wrote that they call themselves Khan, Pathan, Saeed, Hashmi but they are not true Muslims.

However, Ira did not respond to all these sarcasm and criticism. Earlier, he was not seen responding to condemnation and sarcasm on social media. However, he did not stop doing any work or post as he wished.

He is going to set foot in the world of acting very soon. However, not on the big screen like the newcomers. His attraction is on the stage of the theater. Tao is not acting again, Aamir's daughter has said that he wants to be a director.