Not Akshay-Salman, the best gold interest in Asia to impress everyone! Prabhas is also in the list of the first fifty


BanglaHunt Desk: Bollywood's Sonu Sood is the best among the hottest stars in Asia in terms of popularity. Sonu is in the first place among the 50 most popular stars of Asia. This was recently reported by the popular British newspaper Eastern Eye (eastern eye).

This year, as last year, the British magazine published a list of the 50 most popular stars in Asia in 2020. Sonu Sood's name is in the first place in that list. Southern superstar Prabhas is also in the list of these 50 people.

But many have also expressed surprise at how Sonu reached the first place after losing to Bollywood star Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan. In this context, according to the Eastern Eye magazine, during the lockdown, the stars who did not get stuck in the confines of their own fame, but extended their hand to the welfare of the whole society and help the helpless people got this honor. In addition, the netizens also got the opportunity to select the stars of their choice.

In the words of Aszad Nazir, editor of the entertainment section of the Eastern Eye, “Sonu deserved this honor for the way he helped migrant workers return home during the lockdown, and even for the way he helped them get back on their feet through financial aid.”

Sonu's speech with such respect? In the words of the actor, “I have only done what I was supposed to do as an ordinary citizen of the country. At that time of lockdown, all the countrymen should come forward to help. I hope I will be able to work for the people in this way till the last day of my life. I got this honor because of the love and blessings of the people. ”