Not Dhoni, the former cricketer chose his disciple as the main star of Chennai


Bengali Hunt Desk: Mahendra Singh Dhoni has reached the very end of his career. Captain Cool may be seen on the field for a year or two. Former England captain Michael Vaughan sees Rabindra Jadeja as his successor. In Dhoni’s absence, Sir Jadeja should be taken seriously by the Chennai Super Kings, Von thinks.

“I think Dhoni will be able to continue playing for a year or two if he is very strong,” Vaughan told a popular cricket website. His blind fans may say that Dhoni can still play for a long time. But that is not possible. It is not possible to continue playing after an age. So if I was in charge of Chennai management, Dhoni would later form a team around Rabindra Jadeja. And batting, bowling and fielding – these three divisions are very efficient. Besides, his mentality is also very positive. ‘

Chennai Super Kings had a match against Rajasthan Royals on Monday. Jadeja took two important wickets in that match. Which includes the wicket of Joss Butler. The Indian all-rounder also took four catches. Jadeja’s performance has played a big role in Chennai’s victory.

“Jadeja is a cricketer whom you can send to bat at number four or five,” Vaughan said. Bowling can be started with him. But it depends on which batsman is at the crease on the contrary. Besides, in fielding in any position, his pair is fair weight.

It is rumored that Dhoni may later form a team around Sam Quran in Chennai. But Michael Vaughan thinks the Qur’an is not suitable for taking on such a big responsibility right now. The former England captain said, “Many of us are saying that Chennai want to build a team of the future around Sam Quran. But I don’t think he is mentally ready to take on such a big responsibility. He should be given another four to five years. To create the right mindset. He should not be pressured right now. ‘