Not in the playground, this time the victim of the 'sledding' of the bedroom is huge


Banglahunt Desk: Anushka Sharma's marriage to Virat Kohli, captain of the Indian cricket team, was undoubtedly a major event for both the cricket and entertainment world. 26 In the year they were bound to marry. Since then, the two have been encouraging each other forever. Although the two workplaces are different, the enthusiasm has never been broken. Anurat has always been praised in photos or photoshoots. The actress also gave her husband courage during the match.

But this time Anushka was seen not only in the field, but at home, encouraging the enormous. Or it appeared to be good sledging. He was heard repeatedly beating Virat four to six. The actress recently shared a video on her Insta handle. There it is seen that Anushka is said to have hit four to six at a time. And so shocked to hear that. He does not understand what to say.

In fact, this whole video is made fun of Anushka. Lockdown is a close game all the time. So this video is made to give the environment like a playground at home.
In fact, it was seen a while ago that Anushka was cutting her hair at home. Divya is also sitting like a restrained husband, watching the wife's activity. Virat shared pictures of both the previous and the haircut. It is clear that Anushka has cut her hair very well.

The posting of the video went viral on social media. Many comment that home detention can be enjoyed most of the time by learning how to look great and unique.

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