Not like Alia, Rishi wanted to marry Ranbir to this star


BanglaHunt Desk: A week has passed since the death of Rishi Kapoor. But the shadow of mourning has not yet fully lifted from Cinepara. From stars to ordinary people, everyone's mind is burdened. The picture of the actor's last journey still seems to be forgotten by no one. When I think of Neetu Kapoor's broken tears or Ranbir Kapoor's downcast face, my eyes are still shining.

However, in the midst of all this, netizens targeted Alia Bhatt. She is managing the Kapoor family with the same responsibilities as her future daughter-in-law. He himself was devastated to see the body of Rishi Kapoor. But even in the middle of it, the future Nanad has kept in touch with Riddhima in a video call. Unable to reach her father in the lockdown, Riddhima saw her father's last words through Alia's video call.

No one is unaware of Ranbir's family's friendship with Alia. He also flew to New York with Ranbir to see the sick sage. But despite having so much love, Ranbir did not want to marry Alia at one time. His choice was someone else.
The sage wanted Ranbir to marry Ayan Mukherjee, Ranbir's best friend and director of some of his films. No, there is no other reason behind it. In fact, Ranbir's friendship with Ayon is long. Ayon was the director of several films including Wake Up Seed, Yeh Jawani Hadya Diwani. He is also the director of the film Brahmastra.

So the sage once jokingly said to Ranbir and Ayan, ‘This is a golden opportunity. Get married, two of you. That old picture has gone viral once again after the death of Rishi Kapoor. Besides Ali, Ayon was also seen handling his friend Ranbir during the sage's funeral.