Not only uniforms, but also the color of the underwear is fixed by the Japanese school, otherwise they are forced to take it off

Most schools around the world have a specific uniform. Every student of the concerned school has to abide by that rule. In many cases, there are restrictions on the use of cosmetics from uniforms as well as bags and haircuts. However, one step further, the schools of Japan are also deciding what color underwear the students will wear.

A survey conducted by the Bar Association in Fukuoka, Japan, found this shocking information. According to the report, most of the municipal high school students in the city have to wear school-prescribed underwear. At the same time, these schools are quite picky with uniforms and bags. The specific brand of shoes given to the students is also decided by the school.

According to a magazine called Japan Today, like many other schools, the schools in this city also fix the hair length and style of the students. There are also specific rules for drinking water during class. But the strangest thing about these schools is that the color of the underwear is fixed. Which is probably not seen in any other region of the world.

Besides, according to the rules of these schools, students will not be able to shop on the way back from school. It is forbidden to use any kind of manners on the eyebrows It is known that the students have to face severe punishment if they do not follow this rule If you do other things including decoration, you have to wash it Similarly, if you don't wear underwear of the prescribed color of the school, you have to take it off. Which amounts to a violation of human rights.