Not petrol-diesel, the car will run on water, fancy discovery high school side motor mechanic, watch the video


Banglahunt Desk: The price of petrol diesel in India is gradually going up. Needless to say, the way oil prices are rising is going to be very costly in the near future. In this situation, many are leaning towards alternative energy.

Although battery-powered cars are very popular recently, the price of electricity is not low. If someone says that the car will run on water, not oil? Surely you would think him insane. Because many people think it is impossible. But a high school side motor mechanic made this impossible possible.

Mohammad Rasi Makrani, 44, from Madhya Pradesh, has no formal training in car manufacturing. Study up to high school. In his ancestral garage, he has built a car that will run on water, not oil. The discovery has caused a stir on social media.

In 2012, he converted his Maruti 600 car into a water-powered car. He claimed that the maximum speed in the car is 50-60 km per hour. It can also be operated from mobile 8

He said it took a year and a half to make this car. This car is the result of hard work of more than 18 months. Already a Chinese company interested in bringing the car to market has contacted him. But so far no Indian company has shown interest. However, the inventor wants his car to come to the market with the help of an Indian company