Not the elderly, the highest number of coronary cases is in the age of 20 to 5 years!

Bangla Hunt Desk: The Corona virus from China has spread around the world. The whole world has been virtually overwhelmed by the corona virus. So far, many people have died from the virus all over the world. The number of victims is also high.

In the United States, developing countries like Italy and Spain also died of coronary artery disease. The virus has entered India as well as other countries. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to lockdown the whole of India from March 25 to avoid corona infection. The state government is also on his side in this decision.

We have heard through social media so long that elderly people are most likely to suffer from coronary disease because their immune system is relatively low. But a report has been submitted by the health ministry saying that people between the ages of 25 and 6 are most likely to suffer from coronas.

At a press conference today, Health Ministry official Lob Agarwal said the total number of people affected in the country is 1 percent 8-23 years (42 percent) 25-5 years (4 percent) 3-5 years, 6 years old (6 percent) people affected. Therefore, the Ministry of Health has been informed, to comply with government sanctions without paying any heed to any rumors. He has also been told to keep himself and the country healthy from home.

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