Now the defaulter will also be able to get loan, the common man will get the benefit of RBI’s decision.


डिफॉल्टर को भी अब मिल सकेगा लोन, RBI के फैसले का आम आदमी को मिलेगा फायदा

Rbi Rule For Wilful Defaulter

If you have defaulted the bank loan due to one reason or the other and have come under the category of willful defaulter, then there is a lot of relief news from the Reserve Bank of India. Now the banks will negotiate and settle with such defaulters and withdraw their money after giving 12 months time. After that, if that person wants to take a loan, then after depositing the settlement amount, he will get the loan again. In fact, during Kovid, the Reserve Bank of India had announced a moratorium to avoid being a defaulter.

Even after that, lakhs of people of the country became defaulters of banks, who due to lack of money could neither pay their credit cards nor repay their personal loans. Because of this, his credit score also got spoiled. Because of which he was hardly able to get the loan even after settlement. Now with this decision of RBI, common defaulters will get a lot of relief. Let us also tell you how RBI has tried to provide relief to the common people.

New rule for RBI regarding willful defaulter

The Reserve Bank of India has seen a continuous increase in the number of willful defaulters after Kovid. The NPA of the banks also increased a lot. During this, the government also did corporate write offs. Which was also criticized a lot. In such a situation, there was a tough challenge before the RBI that how to reduce the number of such defaulters? RBI has now solved this knot from one end. Only the word solving will not work, it can be said that people have been given great relief. RBI has asked banks to settle with such defaulters and withdraw their money by giving a cooling period of 12 months. This is the first knot that will reduce the number of small defaulters in the country.

Now the second problem is that the settlement is still happening, the bank and the defaulter make a settlement among themselves and after that the defaulter becomes debt free, but if he needs a loan again, he cannot get the loan easily. Is. Banks have a view at that time that settlement is visible in CIBIL. In the eyes of banks, he is a person with a negative profile, even if the CIBIL score reaches 800. RBI has succeeded in solving this conundrum. That is, if the defaulter makes full settlement in 12 months, then after that he will be entitled to get the loan again. This means that after completing the settlement, the borrowers will not have to wait for a long time or the banks will not be able to hesitate.

Will the stamp of loan settlement not appear in CIBIL?

There is one more question which is being faced by lakhs of people in the Kovid era, that is, if the defaulter pays the entire settled money in the new settlement process of RBI, will the stamp of this settlement be visible in CIBIL or not? Because now the bank is not getting ready to give new money by taking the help of this stamp to give new loan. No information has yet been received about whether this stamp will be removed after the settlement through the RBI process.

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