Now there will be expiry date on every tablet of medicines! It will not be necessary to buy the whole leaf


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If you are going to buy medicine from the medical store, then first of all you should know some important things so that you do not have to repent later. Because customers have to face many problems while buying more medicines. When a customer goes to buy a tablet at a medical shop, chemists mostly force the customers to take the whole leaf instead of giving the tablet. That’s why the customers are forced to take the full leaf of the tablet, due to which it becomes expensive for the customers to buy the tablet, but now the government has prepared a new plan to overcome this problem of the customers.

The Consumer Affairs Ministry says that talks are also being held with the pharmaceutical industry to solve this problem of customers. According to sources, this change is being made in the new plan that customers do not need to take the full leaf of tablet or capsule. The customer can buy as many tablets as he needs. For this, even chemists will not be able to force customers to buy the whole leaf. If a chemist is caught in such a situation, then strict action can also be taken against him.

QR code will be on every tablet

According to the new rule of the government, the manufacturing and expiry date will be seen on each part of the tablet leaf that you will take. In this way, even if you take a tablet, you will get to see all kinds of information on that too. According to sources, the Consumer Affairs Ministry is preparing a plan in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industries that QR code can be given on both sides of the medicine leaf or on each tablet.

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Increase in the number of complaints

According to the National Consumer Helpline (NCH), there has been a spurt in the number of such complaints. NCH ​​is run by the Consumer Affairs Ministry. Based on the data obtained from this, the ministry is considering various options. The ministry recently held a meeting with the pharma and medical devices industries, in which top officials of the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) also attended.

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