Now you can do multiple things without internet, Google has come up with an amazing app


BanglaHunt Dex: Google has come up with a new application like Bluetooth. With the help of this application, you can easily connect your Android device with a remote device. You can even do multiple tasks without an internet connection. Google brought this application last week. Which is absolutely free for anyone to download from the Google Play Store.

The name of the application is WiFiNanScan. It will be operated in accordance with WiFi Aware protocol.

What is this WiFi Aware?

This will make it easier and more convenient for an organization to use Google’s new application where devices need to be connected. Even its range is many times more than Bluetooth.

WifiNanScan Helps You Measure Distance Between Two Phones |  LaptrinhX / News

What are the benefits of WiFi Aware protocol?

This protocol is useful for all Android 6.0 as well as later devices, as it enables you to browse and link to each other without the need to connect to each other.

The connection can be used for a variety of purposes, the most important of which is to exchange messages or large amounts of data without using any GPS signal, web or network infrastructure.

What is the use of WiFi Aware?

1) Printing paper without using any internet connection.
2) Walk past a shop or restaurant and make a reservation without using the internet, even if the place is closed.

3) The process of enrolling students in the school and adding their names in the roll call is possible through it automatically.

4) Physical ID’s are no longer required to provide personal identification at the gateway and to verify security check documents at airports.
5) Self-propelled vehicles It can be used to alert other autonomous vehicles about risks, GPS coordinates, or directions, assistance during traffic jams.

How much range can WiFi Aware cover?

Using this protocol, WiFiNanScan will be able to connect all devices effortlessly within a minimum distance of 1 meter to 15 meters, according to data released by Google.