Nurse mother looking at girl from afar for fear of coronary infection


BanglaHunt Desk: Some time ago a video went viral on social media. Mother is a nurse by profession. She has to work on her own to cope with Corona. It is very important for her to be in the hospital in this difficult situation. Meanwhile, the young children are crying as they go to their mother. But don't interrupt. In order to prevent the infection from infecting the child, the mother of the mother spreads her hands from far away. This video from China has traditionally gone viral on Netadunia.
Again the netizens saw another such scenario. But the context is India. Deadly mother in hospital. Maybe he could not come home day after day. But what does the child's mind mean? Unhappy little girl who did not see her mother. So family members forced her to meet her mother. But there are also obstacles. The mother, wearing a mask, stood at the hospital door and the girl on the bike to avoid infection.

The mother-daughter was seen from a distance. Seeing the girl crying, the water in her mother's eyes. But in this situation, he has nothing to do. This video has gone viral on Netzgate. The sight of the netizens also saw water. Everyone is praying that the situation will be the same again.

Every day these nurses, doctors, health workers are working all day for the benefit of the common man. They are healing the sick by betting their lives. But the video also reminded them of the house where the family is living, the people whose lives are spread.

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