Nusrat and Nikhil fast together for the first time since their marriage, last year's photo goes viral again

Banglahant Desk: Karwa Chauth today. On this special day, the wives fast all day in the name of the husband and after the moon rises, they break the fast by looking at the face of the husband through the middle of the sieve. Thanks to Bollywood movies, Bengalis have also become quite aware of this Karwa Chauth Bratar ritual.

Actress and Trinamool MP Nusrat Jahan also observed this vow in Tollywood. After the moon rose from fasting for the whole day for the welfare of her husband Nikhil Jain, she ate food and water from Nikhil's hand. The actress did the same last year. Those pictures have once again gone viral on social media.

Nusrat's first Karwa Chauth after marriage last year. The actress observed the vows with devotion following all the rules and regulations. However, Nusrat was not alone, her husband Nikhil also fasted with his wife all day. So the two of them broke their fast together after the puja. The photos have been shared once again from Nusrat's fanpage.

However, the actress had to face the eyes of the fundamentalists for observing this vow. Nusrat was severely criticized for marrying a different religion and following the Hindu rites after Chura and Sindur. But she is not the bride to pay attention to.

Even now Nusrat has to face criticism from time to time. From paying homage to Ashtami to greeting Vijaya Dashami, sarcasm flew towards him. However, like every time, Nusrat did not respond to any discussion or criticism.

He greeted the fans at festivals of all religions. He also made it clear in the last pujo that he has been coming with Ashtami Anjali for a long time. Nusrat pulls the rope of the chariot with her husband Nikhil, celebrates Janmashtami and greets Eid.