Nusrat got drunk playing with a soft toy, watching the video and saying to netizens, “What is the grassroots gaining by doing all this?”


BanglaHunt Desk: Trinamool (TMC) MP Nusrat Jahan is going through one new surprise after another. The actress MP has been winning the hearts of fans on social media in all her film careers and political careers. He is watching a new photoshoot, video.

Nusrat recently shared such a video on his social media handle. A few days ago, Nusrat was seen sitting in the middle of a soft toy and doing a photoshoot. This time the backstage video of that photoshoot was released.

Nusrat was seen rejoicing with Teddy Bear, Doraemon's soft toy. He seems to have gone back to his childhood. He was seen playing with Teddy in his own mind. “We are not only rich in intellect and knowledge but we never forget the inner playground of the mind,” he wrote in a caption.

But even in this post, Nusrat has been the victim of a tumultuous troll. Is there any benefit to his party by playing with soft toys? Questions that have flown. Nusrat has even been ridiculed as 'disabled'. However, the MP actress has also garnered a lot of praise. Many have said that Nusrat feels very sweet.

Even before this, Nusrat became a victim of trolls by painting pictures of Buddha. Again, the artist is painting himself on the picture of the MP? Questions that fly. Again, one writes sarcastically, there are people to buy pictures? However, the actress did not get less praise. Many people appreciate this talent of Nusrat.

Incidentally, a few days ago, Nusrat Jahan went to London to shoot the film 'Swastik Sanket'. The dubbing of that film has been completed recently. This movie is going to be in the genre of adventure thriller. The film is based on author Debarati Mukherjee's novel 'Hell Sign'. Nusrat will also be seen in Bratya Basu's dictionary.