Nusrat trolled her eyes as she took a sunbath on her bare back.


BanglaHunt Desk: On the one hand, she is a leading actress in Tollywood, and on the other hand, she is also a Trinamool MP. Nusrat Jahan is carrying out the two responsibilities equally. It's not that you don't have to be a victim of trolls sometimes. But all the trolls, he blew away the criticism.

As soon as he took a sunbath, his message to online trolls was, “If you read me, you won't be able to graduate.” Nusrat knows how to give a good dose to the trolls as needed directly or sarcastically. He will be like himself, he will be like himself. So the actress MP indirectly explained that there is not much profit in the end by trolling him.

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And speaking of pictures, there is nothing new to say about Nusrat. Everyone knows that he is perfect for doing photoshoots or posing in front of the camera. Whether it is a sari or a domestic casual pajama-top, Nusrat has the ability to turn fans around. All the time he loves to give some surprises.

Nusrat recently introduced a new quality of his own. Many did not know that he could draw a good picture. On this day he was seen drawing a picture of Buddha on a white canvas. And this is why Nusrat became a victim of trolls again. Again, the artist is painting himself on the picture of the MP? Questions that fly. This time, netizens think that he retaliated against all those trolls.