Nusrat, viral photo of the New Year greetings in Szeguse Bangla


BanglaHunt Desk: Nusrat jahan wishes everyone a happy New Year at home. He greeted Paula Baishakh through social media. A few days ago, Biryani taught how to cook and then he came up with a Bihari chicken recipe. And this time Nusrat was seen in a different way. She was dressed like a heroine in a lockdown. And he shared those pictures on his Insta handle.

In the picture, Nusrat is dressed in Indian clothes. He shared several pictures. In the caption of the film he wrote, 'Happy New Year to all. I wish all of us a good day and overcome this difficult situation. My best wishes to all. ”More than 3,000 likes have been dropped in Nusrat's film.

First round lockdown expires. In the second phase, lockdown period has been extended across the country on May 1st. In this situation, all are detained. The stars are no exception. All the stars from Bollywood to Tollywood are at home quarantine. Nusrat also did not miss out. The actress is thoroughly enjoying her time at home while warning people. She is spending time with Swami Nikhil Jain
Nusrat has been active in his Insta handle for almost a year. Sometimes posting pictures or videos with Nikhil, or teaching cooking. Nusrat taught Biryani cooking a while back.
But it's not just Nusrat who is spending time like this. Recently he was seen in the Cheetla market. Nusrat Jahan also taught people to adhere to social detaining in addition to buying their own home accessories.

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