Nusrat went to ‘Paori’ during the election campaign on behalf of the party, viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: Once upon a time, Trinamool actress MP Nusrat Jahan used to make headlines with the help of tick-tack videos. His tickling video caught my eye as soon as I opened social media. He made millions of followers on the TickTock app. Even though his father was admitted to the hospital due to corona infection, Nusrat did not stop making ticking videos. He also had to be criticized.

Nusrat was practically extremely dissatisfied with the central government’s decision to ban ticks. He even fell in the face of trolls talking about making an app by bringing scientists from NASA. Nusrat forgot the grief and took her as his own when the Instagram reel came in place of Tiktak again. She was also seen making a reel video with her husband Nikhil Jain.

But sometimes a long time has passed. Nikhil is no longer seen in Nusrat’s social media posts. Rumors of a new relationship with co-star Yash Dasgupta are now in the news. In the midst of all this, the actress was not seen making a reel video for a long time.

However, a video has recently been shared on behalf of Nusrat’s fan page. The actress MP was seen there again in the old mood. Nusrat was seen making a video during the election campaign in Hingalganj. He has also made a video of ‘Paori’ floating in the trend.

The video shows Nusrat sitting in the car. In the back seat are four of his bodyguards and a personal secretary next to him. Nusrat is heard to say, ‘Yeh hingalganj hadya. Yeh hamara team hayay. Hum campaigning remains. Aur yeh hamara gari hayaya. Aur hamari paori ho rahi hadya. ‘

This video of Nusrat has been liked by the netizens. Her fans are happy to see the actress MP in her old mood. One wrote, Nusrat’s video is great even though the trend is old.