Nusrat's appeal filled with warmth in winter mood, MP took Netpara by storm in enchanting manner, viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: Trinamool (TMC) MP Nusrat Jahan is going through one new surprise after another. The actress MP has been winning the hearts of fans on social media in all her film careers and political careers. He is looking at the new photoshoot, video.

Nusrat recently shared such a video on his social media handle. He has captivated the net world with his casual attire. The actress has struck an arrow in the hearts of male fans with her appealing style with English songs. This video of the actress MP has gone viral.

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Nusrat Jahan recently shared some photos from the new photoshoot. She poses with a book, Work with Me, written by Barbara Anis and John Gray. Sometimes the actress has been captured on camera by dipping her face in the pages of a book and sometimes with a book in her hand.

In the caption of the photo, Nusrat wrote, “I know how to punch if Sundari is needed as well.” Mimi's comment in this post of Bonu is a mischievous smiley with 'What did you read?' Netizens have enjoyed this naughtiness of two friends.

Nusrat has also been seen in chocolate with a strict diet. However, of course, Nusrat also clarified this. To put it bluntly, chocolate is made from cocoa which is the fruit of a tree. That means chocolate is a salad. So he is not doing anything wrong by eating chocolate.

Incidentally, a few days ago, Nusrat Jahan went to London to shoot the film 'Swastik Sanket'. The dubbing of that film has been completed recently. This movie is going to be in the genre of adventure thriller. The film is based on author Debarati Mukherjee's novel 'Hell Sign'.