Nusrat's father, Nizamuddin Yoga, with fever-breathing problems? Imagination is broken


Banglahunt Desk: Tollywood actress Nusrat Jahan's father Mohammed Shahjahan was admitted to hospital with fever, shortness of breath and cough. He was admitted to a private hospital in South Kolkata on Sunday night. It was reported that he had a shortness of breath with fever.
But the girl Nusrat completely dismissed the claim. He made it clear that his father had no breathing problem. In his words, “It is being written in the media that my father was suffering from fever. But in reality there were no such signs. Common fever. Since the age of the family has been decided to hospitalize. ” He also said that his father was a diabetic but never needed insulin.

Doctors at the hospital also supported the statement. Hospital sources said Nusrat's father was a diabetic. So at first the drugs were not working properly. But now he is much healthier than ever. Doctors say the fever is less. Keeping in view the current situation, Nusrat said that according to the government rules, now everyone who is admitted to the hospital is being tested for coroner. Therefore, his father will also follow the rules. Today, Nusrat's father Lalaras sample test is expected. But Nusrat says doctors are not primarily concerned about corona infection. Because the father of the actress did not travel abroad recently. He did not meet anyone.
But in the meantime, another great fear is rising. The rumor is heard that Nusratuddin's father met a man back in Nusrat. In that source, there is the possibility of his coronary infection. However, Bangla Hunt did not verify the honesty of Gunjan.

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