Off Road Biking: These places are famous for bike riding, just keep these things in mind


Off Road Biking: बाइक राइडिंग के लिए फेमस हैं ये लोकेशन, बस इन बातों का रखें ध्यान

Best 7 locations for off-road bike riding.Image Credit source: Royal Enfield

For bike lovers, going on long rides is no less than a treat. There are many places in India where people love to ride bikes. You go to any corner of the country, there you will find adventure ride For this, you will get the best tour places. Come let’s know about 7 locations of the country which are very beautiful and full of adventure.

Check out India’s best 7 bike riding locations here.

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7 popular location

  1. Leh-Ladakh: Located in the northernmost part of India, this area is a popular destination for bike lovers. Its beautiful scenery, challenging terrain and high altitude mountain passes will make your bike ride spectacular.
  2. Spiti Valley: Spiti Valley located in Himachal Pradesh shows breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, deep gorges and Buddhist monasteries. The curvy roads and adventurous locations make it a great destination for adventurous bike riders.
  3. Manali to Rohtang Pass: This beautiful route in Himachal Pradesh shows the unique landscape of the Himalayas. In this, Rohtang Pass is the highest center of this route. This road is quite challenging and gives the experience of an exciting journey.
  4. Western Ghats: The Western Ghats mountain range in South India offers lush forests, waterfalls and beautiful views to bike riders. Apart from this, many types of roads are also waiting for you.
  5. Coastal Karnataka: The coastal region of Karnataka is blessed with beautiful beaches, fishing villages and historic temples along the Arabian Sea. This route will also be great for an adventure tour.
  6. Rann of Kutch: This desert region of Gujarat offers a unique and exciting sight for bikers with salt flats, desert views and traditional villages. This place will give a completely different experience to the bike riders.
  7. North East India: The scenic regions of North East India including Sikkim, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh, breathtaking mountain views, winding roads and different cultures give a feel of the diversity of the country. While riding a bike, you also get a chance to understand the country.

7 essential tips for safe ride

Here are some tips for safe bike travel:

  1. Wear Safety Gear: Always wear a helmet and other safety gear, such as gloves, knee pads and a riding jacket, to protect yourself in case of an accident.
  2. Check Bike: Make sure your bike is in good condition before riding. The air level in the tires should be correct, the brakes should be working properly and the lighting should also be on.
  3. Follow the traffic rules: Always follow the traffic rules and signals and ride the bike within the speed limit. Avoid driving on the wrong side of the road or overtaking recklessly.
  4. Stay alert and focused: Stay alert about your surroundings, and be mindful of other vehicles, pedestrians and obstructions on the road. Avoid things like using the phone while riding a bike.
  5. Keep yourself hydrated and well rested: Drink plenty of water and take regular breaks to rest and stretch. Avoid driving when tired, as it can cause danger.
  6. Plan your route: Plan your route in advance. Apart from this, keep a map or GPS device with you. At the same time, avoid going on dangerous and unknown routes, especially at night.
  7. Try the bike and show yourself: Wear bright, reflective clothing or apply reflective tape to your bike to make yourself more visible to other drivers, especially in low light conditions.

By following these tips, you can have a safe and adventure-filled bike riding experience in India.

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