Offer to exchange 2000 notes, somewhere extra non-veg and someone is giving branded clothes


2000 के नोट बदलने के लिए ऑफर, कहीं एक्स्ट्रा नॉनवेज तो कोई दे रहा ब्रांडेड कपड़े

Offer to exchange 2000 notes, somewhere extra non-veg and someone is giving branded clothes

The Reserve Bank of India has stopped the circulation of 2000 notes. Ever since the announcement of demonetisation has been made, there has been chaos everywhere. People are going to banks to exchange notes. From investing in gold to consuming 2000 notes, people are asking for food on cash on delivery. At the same time, attractive offers are also being given in exchange of notes at some places.

Somewhere extra chicken and mutton worth 2100 rupees are being given in exchange of 2000 notes and somewhere branded clothes are being given for 2000 rupees. Let us tell you, to use the 2000 note, people are buying gold from filling fuel at the petrol pump. Let’s tell where who is giving what offers to the customers to spend 2000 notes.

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2100 chicken for 2000 rupees

A meat seller in Delhi has come up with a special offer to woo the customers. He has put a poster outside his shop that he will give people meat worth 2100 instead of 2000 notes. On the 2000 note, the meat sellers are giving the benefit of about 5 percent to the people. This poster of his shop has become a topic of discussion among the people. People are also buying meat from his shop to spend their 2000 notes.

There is also an offer on branded clothes.

After the order of RBI’s 2000 note, shopkeepers are avoiding taking 2000 note. Sometimes there is no change and sometimes they are avoiding taking notes by giving some other excuse. Meanwhile, a cloth merchant from Madhya Pradesh has put a wonderful offer among the people regarding the 2000 note. The cloth merchant asked people to come to his shop and shop for branded clothes worth 2000. Whose payment can be done by the customer with 2000 notes.

How long can notes be changed

According to RBI, people can exchange their 2000 notes till 30 September. The Reserve Bank of India has given its customers 4 months to exchange the notes. During this time people can change up to 10 notes i.e. 20000 rupees at a time. In order that there is no shortage of cash in the market, the Reserve Bank of India has appealed to the people to exchange their notes comfortably. People do not need to be panic, but can easily get the notes changed anytime in 4 months.

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