Oh amazing! Opportunity to earn 82 thousand rupees while sitting, just have to watch this action film


अरे गजब! बैठे-बैठे 82 हजार रुपये कमाने का मौका, बस देखनी होगी ये एक्शन फिल्म

A scene from the movie Fast and FuriousImage Credit source: Twitter/@dp_karthik

Fast & Furious: What people do not do to earn money. However, good results come only with hard work and dedication. But if we tell you that you don’t have to do anything, just watch a movie and 82 thousand rupees is yours, would you agree? It is obvious that you will find this a joke, but this is true to sixteen annas. A website is very much discussed because of its unique offer. under which if youfast and furious‘ If you watch all the parts of the movie, then according to the promise, this website will give you one thousand dollars i.e. (about 82 thousand rupees).

There is a website named ‘Finance Buzz’, which has brought this amazing offer. This offer has been named Fast and Furious claims adjuster. As a condition, you will have to watch all the parts of the action-packed ‘Fast and Furious’ film series. We know there must be a question running through your mind. Yes, don’t worry. You don’t have to watch all 10 parts at once. Now the question arises that how and in what time to watch the film. For that the website is giving you full two weeks time.

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it’s not that easy to win money

But let us tell you that the website is not going to give you one thousand dollars just like that. As per the offer, you will have to collect information about every crash and damage in the film. Meaning, while watching the film, one has to be alert. According to the report of CNN, you also have to note whether the number of accidents decreased or increased from the first part to the last part of the film.

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Another condition of the website is that you have to be ready to watch all nine parts on rent or stream. At the same time, one has to go to the theater for the tenth part ‘Fast X’, which is going to release on May 19. According to the report, the website will pay you $100 separately for this. However, this offer is only for people living in the US. Vin Diesel, Jason Stuseheim to Dwayne Johnson have done amazing acting in the film.

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