Oh No! Tortoise is also afraid of the police, on seeing it ran with the speed of ‘rabbit’ – VIDEO


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Even Turtles Run From Police: This video of turtle is becoming increasingly viral. In this, the tortoise is seen running with amazing speed on seeing the police. Now seeing this clip, netizens are commenting in various ways.

On seeing the police, the turtle started running

Image Credit source: Instagram/@animalsonland

Turtle Video: If you are asked who is the slowest animal in the world, it is obvious that the first thing that comes to your mind is Tortoise Will come Well the answer is sloth, but today we will talk about turtle. because, which turtle speed less than a mile an hour, that Rabbit If you start running at the speed of Now you must be thinking how is this possible. But something similar in social media Video It has come to the fore, seeing which people are stunned.

A tortoise was trying to cross the road. But due to the slow speed, it was taking a long time to cross the road. In such a situation, when a policeman caught sight of him, he immediately ran to help him. But seeing whatever they get to see the next moment, people are saying that even the turtle is scared of the police. It can be seen in the video that the tortoise which was moving slowly, on seeing the police, slips away with the speed of a rabbit. If you don’t believe, then watch the video.

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See here, when the tortoise ran at the speed of a rabbit

This very funny video of turtle has been shared on Instagram on the account named animalsonland. Giving a funny caption, the user has written, as if the turtle thought that the police had a warrant for his arrest. This clip of few seconds is very interesting. The clip uploaded on April 9 has so far received more than 5 thousand likes, while many people have commented.

Reacting in a funny way, a user has written, later the turtle was arrested for running at high speed. At the same time, another user says, the turtle was afraid of arrest. Apart from this, most of the users are reacting through emoticons.

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