Oh the heat! Extremely viral video of Hindi song dancing in front of the camp fire


BanglaHunt Desk: Actress Rachna Banerjee has just turned 48. He made headlines for his gorgeous birthday party. The composition was captured on the night of the birthday in the form of 'Chameli'.

This time Rachna shared a dance video. Rachna was seen dancing to the tune of popular Hindi song 'Garmir' in front of the camp fire. Blue stripe sweater, denim waist jabka kabu netpara. The composition seems to have added a lot of warmth to the winter night. This video has gone viral at the moment.

Actress Rachna Badhanerji had a picnic with her son Pranil and friends at Christmas. Corona enjoys a whole day with everyone without being confined to the air. Pictures of the composition's Christmas celebration are now viral on social media.

Rachna went on a picnic at the Ibiza Fear Fern Resort and Spa. There, the actress embraced her son Pranil and was captured on camera. Bat bat held in Pranil's hand. It is understood that he played picnic in cricket. The composition has filled the only son with affection and affection. “You are my son, my moon, my star,” he wrote in the caption.

The composition captures the frame with the whole group of friends. On this day, Rachna was seen in a light purple Jagar dress. He took a selfie even after wearing a Santa hat. Rachna has shared all the pictures with the fans.

Recently, a dance video of the composition went viral on social media. The actress was seen swinging her waist to the beat of an English song on the launch. Evidence that Rachna is very skilled in dance has been found many times. The composition can be seen on the stage of Didi No. 1 with the contestants and guests.