Ola enters the fray after Ather, 5 years loan will be available on electric scooter


Ola Electric Scooter खरीदने वालों जल्द मिलेगा रिफंड, चार्जर का पैसा लौटाएगी कंपनी

Two-wheelers have a very strong market in India. A large number of people buy scooters or bikes. Now even electric scooters have come which not only save petrol cost but are also eco-friendly. Their popularity is increasing rapidly in the country. The government also gives Fame II subsidy on buying electric vehicles. Recently, the government has reduced this subsidy for electric two-wheelers. Because of this, buying an electric scooter has become expensive.

Now those who buy a new electric scooter will have to pay more than before. The big challenge before electric two-wheeler companies like Ather and Ola is how to attract customers.

To avoid this crisis, Ather Energy first came forward. Ather offered a loan of 5 years on the purchase of a new electric scooter.

Ola on the track of Aether

Country’s leading electric two-wheeler company Ola Electric also followed in the footsteps of Ather Energy. Ola has also offered a loan of 60 months on the purchase of a new electric scooter. This means that you can buy Ather or Ola’s electric scooter on easy installments of 60 months. The break of the end of subsidy has been taken out by increasing the loan period.

Take home the scooter on zero down payment

If you want to buy Ola electric scooter, IDFC First Bank and L&T Financial Services are offering 60 months financing option. On the other hand, if Ather wants to buy an electric scooter, apart from IDFC First Bank, companies like Bajaj Finance and Hero Fincorp will give loans of 5 years. You can buy Ola scooter at zero down payment.

Benefit of loan increased from 3 years to 5 years

Electric scooters are usually sold on a loan of 36 months. At the same time, due to some special reasons, the loan period can also be up to 48 months. However, now customers are getting the benefit of 60 months loan. You can take advantage of easy EMIs by buying Ola and Ather electric scooters.

,Disclaimer: This article has been written to give information only. Please check with Ather/Ola thoroughly before taking the loan.)

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