Older couple dancing to Ranbir Kapoor's song, viral video


viral video: The current era is the era of social media. We post on social media capturing scenes of various events happening around us. If that video goes viral, many people become popular overnight due to its wealth. An elderly couple has recently become so popular. Netizens are happy to see their romantic dance to Ranbir Kapoor's song.

The video of the elderly couple dancing is going viral on social media, which has become quite popular in Netpara. On stage, when the couple danced to Bollywood songs, people started playing the whistle. Both of them were dancing on the same step together.

The couple first danced to Ranbir Kapoor's songs and later to Akshay Kumar's songs. The video has gone viral on the internet, and the couple is getting a lot of praise. IAS officer Abneesh Saran shared this video on Twitter.

The viral video shows the couple performing the first great dance to the song 'My Baria, Tu V Baria' from Ranbir Kapoor's superhit film 'Sanju'. The two have been seen doing the same thing together. After that, both of them were seen dancing to Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai's song 'Jod Ka Jhatka ..' Seeing them dance, people started playing the whistle.

While sharing the video, IAS officer Abneesh Sharan wrote in the caption, 'Zindegi na miligi dobara'. The video has gone viral since it was posted on social media. Netdunia is shocked to see the way the couple is performing the dance in spite of their age.