Omelette made without a stove, you must not have seen such a video of summer torture!


बिना चूल्हे के बन गया Omelette, गर्मी के सितम का ऐसा वीडियो नहीं देखा होगा!

Man Cook Egg Without Stove: A video is going viral on social media, in which a blogger is seen making omelette in a pan without the help of stove and fire.

people making omelette without stove

Image Credit source: Facebook/@PuchuBabu

Man Makes Omelette Without Fire: In the last few days, the weather has changed in such a way that in some parts of the country people are facing severe heat wave. Falling from Delhi-NCR to UP-Bihar scorching heat Since then the condition of the people here is bad. The situation is that in the midst of the rainy summer, some people live without a stove. omelette seem to be making. Now it is also being discussed on social media. In the video, a person is trying to tell how much heat is wreaking havoc in his area.

People in West Bengal are also battling the heatwave. According to the report, the temperature here has reached 40 degree Celsius. It has become difficult to get people out of their homes. The state government has announced the closure of all schools and colleges for a week. Meanwhile, a person from West Bengal did an experiment at home, which shows how hot the weather is here. In the viral clip, blogger Puchu Babu is seen making omelette on the roof of the house in a pan without a stove.

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See here, man made omelette without stove

It can be seen in the video that the blogger keeps the pan on the railing of the terrace. Within no time the pan becomes so hot that an omelette is formed as soon as an egg is cracked in it. At the end of the video, you can also see the blogger eating omelette.

The video has been shared on Facebook with an account named @puchubabuchandrani. Blogger Puchu Babu has written in the caption, See how omelette is made on the terrace in 46 degree temperature. The 3 minute 42 second long video has been viewed more than 18 lakh times so far, while 42 thousand people have liked and about 1.5 thousand people have commented.

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