OMG! Does anyone really remember when they have hiccups? Know what is the reason for this


OMG! हिचकी आने पर कोई सच में याद करता है? जानिए क्या है इसका कारण

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There are all the things of childhood on which we used to trust without thinking and believed them to be absolutely true. However, when we all grew up, we came to know that the truth has nothing to do with the things we were told in childhood. We have been hearing the same thing since childhood and whenever someone remembers us, we start getting hiccups. Is this really the case or is there some other reason for this. We are telling you why we get hiccups.

Often you must have seen that whenever we have hiccups, the person with us immediately starts saying this thing, Hey friend, someone must be missing you? In such a situation, if you take the name of that person, then the hiccups will stop. On hearing this, we start making a list of our friends and well-wishers, but if this did not help, then we used to drink water so that we could somehow get rid of hiccups. But we hiccups have nothing to do with anyone’s memory.

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That’s why it was said

According to scientists, hiccups are related to our breath. According to health experts, when there is a problem in our digestion or respiratory system, we start having hiccups. Generally speaking, it also occurs because hiccups occur due to contraction in the muscles of the diaphragm and ribs.

Now the question must be arising in your mind that why the elders of our house used to say this then, let us tell you that people used to say such things because by doing this our attention gets diverted and hiccups stop. In fact, when you put stress on your mind, your mind moves away from the hiccup and goes to the other side.

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