OMG! Salman Khan eating horse grass, video goes viral | Bangla Hunt


BanglaHunt Desk: A 26-day lockdown is underway across the country. There is no guarantee as to whether the lockdown will come up on April 7. No one can say when the situation will be normal. All the houses are being imprisoned. The stars are no exception. From the sacrifice to the toll, the scene is the same everywhere. However, the detention of the stars is somewhat unique. They are said to be residents of the glamor world. Almost every day they spend time sharing photos and videos with fans.
Some have chosen to live in isolation and have chosen their own home and have chosen a luxurious garden. Bollywood's brother Salman Khan is on the list. Salomon has a luxurious garden in the outskirts of Mumbai, as many know. Occasionally, he used to spend time with his family. It is learned that the house was chosen by the queen of the quarantine house.

A video has recently gone viral on social media showing that netizens are laughing. In the video it is shown that the horse is eating grass while eating the grass himself. Laughing again, feeding the horse. In fact, the whole thing is a funny trick. It is believed that this video was also shot in Salomon's garden house.

Needless to say, posting the video has gone viral on social media. His fans also enjoyed the actor's fun. Of course, many know about Solomon's horsemanship. Earlier, his riding video went viral on social media.

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