OMG! The tiger suddenly appeared in front of the tourists on a jungle trip! Video viral

Banglahant Desk: Various types of jungle trekking viral videos can be seen on social media. Many times, the cameras of the tourists have captured the video of a peacock dancing to the tune of Pekham, then the video of a sudden fight between two tigers walking in the forest. However, the video of a jungle safari has gone viral these days, which has angered some netizens.

As can be seen in the viral video, several tourists have gone out to see the nature in one of the sanctuaries. They also have several cars with them. In the meantime, a giant tiger has appeared somewhere. The tiger suddenly jumped out of the forest and came to the road. Although they were a little frightened at first when they heard the roar of the tiger, the tourists started taking videos of the tiger as soon as they got in the car. And at the same time began to shout among themselves. However, the exact location of the video is not yet known.

Since the video went viral on social media, several Netpara residents have condemned the stupidity of the tourists present there. They say tourists should be much more careful during jungle safaris. Why were they wandering in the jungle?

The tiger could jump on people at any moment. Big accidents could have happened. Tourists need to be more careful. IFS Sushant Nanda posted a video condemning the tourists and wrote, “It is not bravery to take a video of a tiger leaving a car like this, it is a sign of stupidity.”