On the way to the ancestral home


Kangana Ranaut has been in her hometown of Manali in Himachal Pradesh since the beginning of the lockdown. He is spending time with family members there. This time on the way to his ancestral home, he had a picnic on the hillside.
Kangna recently moved from Manali to Mandi to spend time with her family at her ancestral home. On the way there, he got drunk on a bird feast in the open nature on the street. The actress's mother, sister Rangoli and sister-in-law Prithvi were also present. Kangana's team has shared several photos on Twitter.

Aunt Kangana was also seen having an affair with Adar's niece Prithvi. He also shared a video of the actress' mother's hand-made garden in Mandi. Although his mother is a Sanskrit teacher, he loves to garden. Kangana said that there are almost all kinds of vegetables in this garden.

Incidentally, Kangana had earlier organized a bird feast on the hillside with family and friends. The actress was seen having fun with her family and relatives including Didi Rangoli Chandel and Bonpo Prithvi.

Sitting in the open mountain valleys, eating with family, naughtiness with the little ones and wandering around with joy in the mind. Netizens were amazed to see the actress dancing with joy in her mind, running along the slope of the hill with Didi Rangoli. Kangana caught Divya in a cheerful mood.