On the way to the public! When you get out of the house, you will be in hell


BanglaHunt Desk: The god of self-death is wandering around the area, leaving no room for salvation. Will be taken to hell. He himself is preaching the word in Mike's hands. No, it's not a fantasy, not a script from a movie like the living people of Jamaal. This kind of yamraj is traveling in the Bundi thana area of ​​Bahraich in Uttar Pradesh.

Bahukir Bound police station policeman Lobkusha Mitra is dressed in a black-and-gold dress, a crown on his head and a plunging neckline. Clearly, if the lockdown is not prevented from spreading the corona infection, it will be lifted to hell. But there will be no frying in hot oil, lockdown will be done. However, people will be able to go out to buy the necessities. It is known that the police have acted in this sense or not.

Earlier, in a tweet message, Jaipur police have said that if you go out on the street for no reason, you will be forced to stop in a room and listen to the Muskoli 2.0 song repeatedly. The netizens have called this a fierce attempt by police to prevent irregularities.

Besides, in Calcutta, it has been seen that the policemen are warning people of 'Bela Bose' or 'Halla Raja's army' while singing a parody.

Contextually, the number of coronas is increasing every day. In India, he has not had a malarial disorder. The total number of people affected by coronas in the whole country has crossed 3. Twenty-two people died of coronas. There is no option but to be detained at this time. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap or sanitizer to avoid infection. Raise a helping hand to the center and the states.

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