Once upon a time, a millionaire was conscious by writing his name in the IPL


Bangla Hunt Desk: Baba is a tempo driver by profession. Poverty is the daily companion of the family. Eats day brings day. Yet all of this is conscious of the aquatic example of a dream that cannot stand in the way of fulfillment. The young cricketer from Gujarat has finally fulfilled his dream of overcoming extreme poverty and moving towards his goal.

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Chetan Sakaria was born in the village of Bhartej, 10 km from Bhavnagar district of Gujarat. He dreamed of becoming a cricketer from a young age but it was not easy in a poor family. However, this poverty could not stop Chetan. Through his perseverance and hard work, he made his name in the Indian Premier League, the largest T20 league in the world.

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Due to the extreme poverty in the family, Chetan’s father wanted his son to study and get a government job from the very beginning. He never wanted the boy to be a cricketer, but gradually after seeing Chetan’s success in cricket, his father started encouraging him to play cricket. Eventually he got a chance in IPL. In the IPL auction, Rajasthan Royals team has taken Chetan in the team for one crore and twenty lakh rupees.