One and a half lakh Indians in UAE applied to return home, 40% lost their jobs

During the lockdown due to coronavirus, about 1.5 million Indians living in the United Arab Emirates registered with the Indian embassy to return to the country. Because of the lockdown, work is now closed all over the country. Most of them have lost their jobs. The Consul General of India in Dubai has received more than one and a half lakh registrations. On Saturday, he himself said that one-fourth of them lost their jobs and wanted to return to the country.

The Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi requests the Consulate General of India in Dubai to register citizens wishing to return to India on its official website. But after that the problem was known that so many people saw the site together and it became difficult to open the site.

However, it was later learned that there was a very limited number. This is due to technical problems. And there are fears about whether there will be a place to sit on the plane, although workers, pregnant women, the elderly and Indians will be given the opportunity first. About 25 per cent of Indians in the UAE want to return to the country because they do not have a job. Twenty percent of those who apply to return are professionals and the remaining forty percent are working people.

And there are some people who came to visit but could not go back because of the lock down. They are also in this team. But this is the main reason why most people lose their jobs now that they want to return to the country.