One child playing with a cow, the industrialist gave a touching message by sharing a viral video


viral video: In this age of social media, many videos are viral. Many of them are animals and birds. Many of the viral videos of these animals and birds coexist with humans again. Recently, on social media, industrialist Harsh Goenka posted a video of such a coexistence and gave a touching message. Which has gone viral since it was posted on social media.

The cow is an animal deeply involved in Indian culture. This animal has been associated with Indian religion and folk culture for a long time. Livelihood is the main livelihood of a large part of the population of India. So many children in the country grow up playing with cattle The video of such a child has gone viral in the net world

The video, which went viral, shows Ekaratti playing with the cow. He is playing on his back like a cow. The cow is not bothered by this but she is caressing the baby from time to time.

Posting the video on social media, industrialist Harsh Goenka wrote, “This is true love, like everyone else… (fill in the blanks as you like.”)

Cattle politics is a much-studied subject in India today. Many are being beaten in the name of love. This industrialist wants to convince her that this love is not true love at all. The video has gone viral on social media Check out the viral video